Aims for the week

Saying one of my goals is to Blog more, I’m doing a totally shoddy job. So in an attempt to make an effort, here’s what I plan to do this week……

One thing I said I would do is pamper myself more, so this week is about me – seems a little selfish I know. I started today by getting rid of my roots ย (finally) and redying my hair red and just having a totally chilled out day – much needed I should add. Another thing I started was a food diary; I’ve put on more weight than I’m happy with lately and as I’ve actually been eating better, I want to try and work out what is causing me to pile on the pounds. I think the plan is also going to be thinking about the fact that other than walking, I am completely failing on the exercise front – I need routine. Wish me luck!

I’m also hoping to get a bit more writing done this week, but on that front I really don’t want to make empty promises – not good I know!

Pamper myself more

I’m the first to admit that I can be awful at relaxing and pampering myself. Like several others on this list, pampering myself will be ongoing throughout the year. Basically, if you ever see me with extremely chipped nails, you have a reason to bollock me as it will mean that I haven’t even taken the time for myself to take nail varnish off after a couple of days. This goal is the excuse to take long bubble baths and buy more Lush facemasks.