A Little Update

I did a little update the other week and I said my aim was to pamper myself more. I’ve got myself slightly into a routine of using different moisturisers each night; I’ve been leaving them on the side to make sure I remember – it’s kind of working.

I managed to keepIMG_0794 my food and weight diary going for just over a week and could still not figure out what is the cause of me putting weight on. If I ate pasta and drank cider, it didn’t seem to play any part in the couple of extra pounds gained. I’m still making sure I’m eating plenty of vegetables and salad while it’s just me here. I am finding I’m missing having the vegetable boxes delivered (pictured) so I’ve been making sure I’ve been going out and buying more – you just can’t beat the taste of fresh tomatoes from a fruit and veg shop, they have so much flavour compared to tomatoes bought in a supermarket!

On the exercise front, I am still failing badly. I truly only have myself to blame on this one as I’m too tired at the moment, but know that if you do more exercise you do have more energy. My friend Paula has told me about a zumba class her and her sister are going to on a Tuesday night that is pretty much on my doorstep and said I ought to go. This will really be challenging myself as I have no rhythm what so ever when it comes to things like this. I think I’m more worried about embarrassing myself than anything.

So that leaves me with the writing. I’ve actually edited 12 chapters now and they have been sent to two friends to have a look at. One friend just likes reading and is happy to point out any obvious mistakes, the other friend I did Creative Writing with at Bath Spa, so I’ve asked her to pick apart and comment on anything she wants. It’s not her normal style of writing with it being chick lit, so I hope she’s not hating me too much for this!

Go for a walk up Ashton Court and play frisbee golf

I’m cheating and combining two activities into one here….

It may not have been the longest of walks, but on Saturday Liam and myself headed up to Ashton Court for a couple of hours to have an explore, play some frisbee golf, hunt out the two Shaun’s up t253here and dodge the building work for the Balloon Fiesta.

I’ve done loads of walking for work in the last few weeks so I thought I may as well carry the theme on with a walk around Ashton Court and get some fresh air and exercise while it was a dry day. This also meant I could try my hand at frisbee golf.

Liam had told me about playing frisbee golf at Ashton Court and I thought it sounded fun so wanted to have a go. Providing you don’t take it too seriously and don’t want to keep score (sorry Liam), it is really fun! I’m sure you can have loads of fun keeping score, but as I knew I would be no match for Liam who has played loads, I wasn’t interested in playing to keep count. I have a crap aim when it comes to anything, so there was no way on earth I was going to get a frisbee straight into a basket – or even manage it in one shot – six or seven shots maybe….255

We couldn’t play properly because of the set up for the Balloon Fiesta, but as we walked round, Liam got me to try a couple of the baskets and I enjoyed trying my hand at something new. It would be great to be able to go up there again and play all the holes – or baskets – and see if my aim and sense of direct does improve! It’s the sort of activity you can play on your own, or in pairs and groups. Maybe it’s an idea to sneak up on your own and get some practice in?

So other than frisbee golf, I got to see the deer and discover the rose garden at Ashton Court. I must remember when roses are actually out and go again as they’re one of my favourite flowers (and my middle name) and I would love to see the garden in full bloom. I got to walk up plenty o246f hills and eat strawberry ice cream (always a bonus). And I got to discover there was a golf course up there – in the hunt for the second Shaun of course!

For the cheap price of £1.20 parking, you can spend hours up at Ashton Court walking round (and almost tripping over loads in my case) and relaxing. It’s so peaceful up there that you forget that you’re actually in Bristol. I’ll have to take myself back up there for a walk – it’s another way of getting in shape walking loads.