30 Things Before I’m 30

021With a year until I turn 30, I decided it was time to achieve some goals and join the tradition of having a list of 30 things to do before I’m 30. They aren’t all exactly exciting, but it’s important for me to achieve each of them – even if some are only something I can do gradually over the year. My aim is to Blog about this list and hope that I achieve everything by the 26th April 2016 when I turn 30 – and of course it gets me writing, which I should always be doing…..

1. Finish my novel

2. Go back to New York

3. Try a new food every month

4. Learn to make bread

5. Go for a walk up Ashton Court – DONE

6. Wear less black

7. Register at a dentist and actually go – DONE

8. Blog more

9. Go to the driving range – DONE

10. Place a bet

11. Wire zip slide at Chepstow

12. Do a 5K run

13. Play frisbee golf at Ashton Court – DONE

14. Go back to Avebury

15. Post at least two pictures per week on Instagram

16. Have swimming lessons

17. Finish the tattoo on my back

18. Sit on a beach and watch the sun set

19. Fly a kite

20. Try out vegetarianism for 21 days – DONE

21. Go to a chiropractor

22. Try a yoga class

23. Have a BBQ in the park – DONE

24. Play table tennis

25. See Stomp in London DONE

26. Have a meal in London DONE

27. Pamper myself more

28. Go wine tasting

29. Go to a creative writing group

30. Sort my CV – DONE



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