The Dreaded Weight Gain….

Is it just me, or did anyone else find that it was literally a case of 30 strikes, and weight sticks!

I know I’m hardly the most sporty of people, but I walk to work Monday to Friday, which works out at about 5 hours of walking a week (plus whatever walking is done at the weekend), plus I do yoga once a week. Yet, it Healthy Eatingbarely seems to have an impact! Can I hear you say ‘frustrating’! I stand on the scales and the pounds stick there stubbornly – determined not to budge – more likely to gain than lose anything. I know you’re not supposed to go by what the scales say, especially when I am naturally on the curvy side, but it is hard not to get frustrated when you see no benefits.

So, I’m attempting to eat healthier; more vegetables and salad – well this week I am – eating less carbohydrates and trying to fill myself up with meals that have plenty of vegetables in. So if anyone has any healthy recipes that are filling and healthy, I would really appreciate them – especially as the countdown is on until I have to be seen in a bikini on holiday and I would very much like to not have such a bloated stomach.

Moan over!

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