How much time do we waste?

I often think about how much time we waste in life. At one point in my twenties, I was working Monday to Friday in one job, then spending my weekends working in Tesco. On top of this I was running my music website Live-Music-Scene, and having a social life. Now I don’t ever seem to have enough hours in the day to get even basic stuff done. Is this because we spend far too many hours of our lives playing CandyCrush and watching Netflix?

Every time Liam goes back to work for a long stint away, I think that I will get organised, I will write more, and I will do tasks like blitz the house. The reality is I spend hours catching up on TV; I watch Netflix and I spend far too much time playing CandyCrush and avoiding the vacuuming or the tidying up.

CandyCrushHow is it that I balanced my life so much easier in my twenties? Is it that I needed less sleep? Or is it just the fact that there is different demands in your twenties? I know that going back a few years, I would certainly see more of my friends; these days months and months go by without seeing people because everyone has their own things going on and it’s not easy to arrange to meet up. Seeing my best friend has to be arranged weeks in advance and is often changed, as like Liam, her husband works away and their schedules are unreliable a lot of the time.

Is this what has made me lazy at home, the fact that it has got harder to see people, so I’ve given up and opt to stay at home doing nothing? Or is there some other reason lurking?

So what does it take to get organised and make more of my life? I’ve tried being organised and writing lists to get me off my arse and get me doing things, but I always fall at the first hurdle. The funny thing is that I am super-organised with my worklife. I just need to be able to transfer that skill over to my personal life and it will be a win win situation.

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