Cocktails vs Exercise

Cocktails in Bristol

My Mum was over in Bristol yesterday, so after she had finished her shopping, she headed over to mine. From there we went and had a few cocktails before having some food and a bit of a walk. I know this seems a bit of a ‘we did this’ and then ‘we did that’ post, but there’s a point to it. From here, we went to see one of my friends play; he asked what we had been up to and replied about the cocktails and he asked if it was for a special occasion. Nope, just a Saturday. What have you been up to today, I ask him. Oh only a 50 mile bike ride – or some other figure that seemed insane to me – he replied. So while we were sipping cocktails, he had just done a huge load of exercise.

Now I feel incredibly bad about the cocktails! My whole point within this post, is do we become too reliant on going for drinks with people to socialise in Bristol? Whenever either of my parents are over, we seem to end up drinking as it is the easiest option for entertaining.

When your parents visit, how do you entertain them that isn’t eating and drinking too much? I apparently could do with some ideas!

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