Never Stop Learning….

Yoga in Bristol It’s always important to remember that you are never to old to learn. Not that 30 is old of course! Whether it it learning within your job, or learning something new in your spare time. For me in 2017, I finally took a yoga course as for years I wanted to learn about yoga. In fact, taking a yoga course was in my 30 things before 30 list – I’m just more than a little late completing that one.

I was worried about just attempting any yoga class as practicing yoga on the Wii hardly makes you a yoga expert and as my body always does the opposite as what it should do, I’m pretty sure I was doing it wrong the majority of the time. So back in February I donned my sports kit and joined a six week beginner course at Flow Yoga in Bedminster, which is taught by the lovely Manon – a lady who must have the patience of the saint to deal with all us newbies – especially me with my stiff neck and body that refuses to communicate with my brain!

My stubborn body aside, I absolutely LOVED yoga! The six week course whizzed by so quickly I found myself signing up for the next six weeks just so I could continue practicing. Now this second course has finished, after 12 weeks of yoga, I may not be an expert, but for the first time in my life I can sit on the floor with my legs stretched, and reach down and touch my toes. I know, many of you would have been able to do this your whole life, whereas little old me has never managed to achieve this, so don’t take that away from me! I’ve found that with yoga I can relax, and I enjoy it.

Whole my downward facing dog still needs a lot of work (see picture), I am determined to carry on practicing yoga. I’m just annoyed at myself that it took me so long to start practicing – I may have been able to touch my toes years before!

If you want to try yoga for the first time, check out Flow Yoga and try Manon’s beginner course.

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