2 Months in…

088 So I turned 30 nearly two months ago and it’s taken me this long to login and admit that I failed; I didn’t get anywhere near completing my 30 things before 30. I did tick quite a few off the list that I still haven’t written up; the biggie was that I spent my 30th birthday in New York and got to watch Matilda (amongst loads of other activities that I’ll fill you in on some time) at the theatre on my 30th birthday.

So why didn’t I complete the list I hear you cry; it’s only 30 things for gods sake! Well 30 things may seem like not very many, but when you factor in life, a change in work schedule for your other half (i.e. him not working very much) and job hunting yourself as your work contract is coming to an end, life suddenly seems very busy. Maybe it’s a case of I should have been a lot more organised and assigned myself a rota to get different tasks done.

I’m going to have to look through the list properly and work out what I did do; whether I can look at some things and thing that I did a variation of them, or whether I still need to do them. You see, I’m still determined to finish this list. I may not have completed it in the year I wanted to, but I still want to finish it. After all, it’s got me trying different foods – in fact, I swear my taste buds have changed; it’s got me thinking twice before I wear black all the time (my current favourite shirt is actually a lovely green); I’ve made an effort to pamper myself more; I’m still posting two pictures a week on Instagram and I registered at the dentist and have now been twice – although I don’t like the fact I now have to go to the dental hospital due to damage caused by a wire from my braces (part of the reason I hate dentists). So although I haven’t done everything, small things from the list has made a real difference in my life. And of course, having an up to date CV is helpful when you find you’re out of work at the end of August!

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