Novel Nights with Mimi Thebo

Last night I had the pleasure of once again hearing one of the most inspirational women I have ever met talk about writing; Dr Mimi Thebo.

Mimi was one of my lecturers at Bath Spa University during my time there between 2005 and 2008; there she inspired and encouraged me greatly, showing me that I could achieve anything I put my mind too. Mimi was a great force behind me starting Live-Music-Scene – the music site I started at Bath Spa during one of my courses, and ran until February 2014.

Last night, Mimi was talking about voice at Novel Nights at the Strawberry Thief Bar; it was the first time I’d got to hear Mimi talk since University. Instantly you are transported back to your time in the classroom where you’re keen to absorb every little thing you can. Mimi talks with such frank honesty, wit, enthusiasm and passion. You feel her words inspiring you – and of course, you feel guilty that this woman can get up at 4.30am to go and write in her writing shed before her work day has even begun –  and you can’t find the time to keep updating a simple Blog, or finish one of the two unfinished pieces of work hanging around.

Mimi was an inspiration the first time I met her, and all these years later, she continues to be just that. I urge you that if you get a chance, go and see this delightful woman talk. You will find yourself entranced about what she has to say – and you will certainly find yourself wanting to write more. Last night at the Strawberry Thief, surrounded by writers – some published – some enthusiastic – you could feel the creativity bubbling away. Thoughts were brewing and people were itching to pick up their pens or plonk themselves in front of their computers. For us former students, like Lara and me, we want to make the woman who helped us so much at Bath Spa proud of what we can achieve when we put our mind to it. As Mimi said last night, start by carving out just 20 minutes a day for your writing. It’s about finding that time when you can focus; you don’t have to call it ‘me time’, it’s time that will benefit everyone around you. It can help your emotional and physical health – and that’s something we can all do with a little bit more of in our lives. Now I just need to find my own ‘writing shed’ and kick myself up the arse to actually finish one of my novels!

Find out more about Mimi at and follow her on

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