See Stomp in London

I can remember being impressed with Stomp after seeing it on Blue Peter many, many moons ago. Since then, I’ve always wanted a chance to go and see it and a weekend away in London with LiamIMG_1210 for our year anniversary finally gave me the chance.

Stomp is shown at the Ambassadors Theatre London, where it’s had its home for the last few years now. It’s the not the largest of theatres, but it’s packed full of atmosphere, especially for the 100 minutes that Stomp runs for (without an interval). Stomp itself is exhilarating! It’s gripping and funny in equal measures; it completely sucks you in so that the minutes fly by. You’re buzzing throughout, eager to see what trick the eight performers are going to do next; to see what sound they’re going to create out of a broom or a kitchen sink; to see what part of the stage they’re going to appear on next. All eight performers own the stage; they make sure you remember every second of their performance. Quite frankly, they leave you wanting more and more.

I’m glad I waited to see Stomp for an occasion, and I would certainly recommend going to see it to anyone. Hell, I would go again! I was buzzing for hours after!

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