Have a meal in London

It’s a pricey weekend going to London as it is, let alone when you throw in my requests to see Stomp and go for a fancy meal – well Liam did say I had to have a fancy meal in my list in the first place! IMG_1208I’m not a huge one for very fancy food, so when looking for options of where we could go during our weekend to London (and our chance to celebrate our year anniversary), Liam found 20 Fenchurch Street – otherwise known as the Walkie Talking Building. They have a choice of two restaurants; the Fenchurch restaurant and the Darwin brasserie; we opted for the Darwin brasserie on level 36 as the food sounded a bit more ‘normal’ – yes I’m fussy and can’t do very fancy food.

In 20 Fenchurch Street, you go up in the lift to the 35th floor and come out in the bar area where you are able to see 360 degree views of London, while walking through the sky garden I should add. Up on the next floor is the Darwin brasserie itself, where you sit and eat, enjoying the view of London. Liam was nice enough to leIMG_1209t me sit facing the views while we treated ourselves to a champagne cocktail before our food. The food was absolutely gorgeous! I had red pepper and goats cheese pasta for my main and rice pudding (a childhood favourite) and ice-cream for pudding. I was stuffed! I managed all of the main and tried my best for the pudding, but the portion was huge. This was all accompanied by a bottle of wine – of course and finished with coffee as we soaked in the atmosphere of the restaurant; chatty and people watching; guessing the relationships of the different people that were there. I think I was enjoying my food far too much to remember what Liam had to eat; I think it was something like lamb for the main and then panna cotta for pudding – but don’t quote me on that, I’ve more than likely got it very wrong indeed.

The whole meal was fantastic and after we stood out on the balcony looking at the views of London. All very romantic – it really was lovely. I know I sound very corny saying that, but it was a perfect way to spend our anniversary, and of course we had Stomp after that.


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