New food for September: gammon

It’s taken me quite a while to get round to writing this post. I was slightly delayed as, feel free to laugh, I had to check with my Mum whether I had actually tried gammon before. Apparently growing up, although my Dad had it a lot, I always refused to try it, or took one mouthful and stubboIMG_1180rnly said I didn’t like it and refused to try anymore. I can’t help being stubborn!

Although I ate the majority of this huge meal (pictured – and very calorie heavy!), I did find this gammon a bit too smokey (I prefer non-smoked bacon too). It was nice getting to try the whole experience of having it with fried egg and pineapple – I did have to laugh that it was actually a slice of pineapple and not a pineapple ring like I’ve always seen.

I wouldn’t refuse to eat it again, as like everyone has always told me, it is very much like bacon – which I do absolutely love!


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