Register at a Dentist

Registering at a dentist is something that I’ve put off since moving to Bristol four years ago. Last time I went to the dentistIMG_1172 I was registered at in Trowbridge, the dentist was that mean to me, he made me cry. No joke. That combined with years of painful braces made me more than a little scared to actually head out there and register at a dentist. Adding the registering and going to my 3o before 30 really was the kick up the arse I needed, and within less than a week of registering at East Street Dental Surgery, I found myself sat in the dentist chair with shaky hands while the dentist examined my teeth. Minutes later I discovered after years of putting the trip off, all I needed was a quick clean behind my bottom teeth (I have a wire left over from my braces in an attempt to keep my teeth straight) and I would be sent on my way.

A few painful moments that I winced my way through and £18.80 later, I was sent on my way and told they would see me in 6 months time for another check up. Thank God that was over! My teeth still hurt for days after, but at least I faced my fear and went; Liam even went a few days later and it was even longer since he had been!


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