New food for June: persimmon

IMG_0641Finding a new food to try is not as easy as I thought it would be – well not when I’m left to my own devices. With the end of June fast approaching, I knew I was leaving it far too late to find something new to try, so while I was in Lidl doing some food shopping on Thursday, I came across the persimmon. I’d never heard of it before and actually had to Google how to eat it – treat it like an apple basically. The persimmon also goes by the name ‘sharon fruit’, which I can remember coming through the till when I worked in Tesco.

I’ve never been a big one for eating fruit, I hate bananas and any other fruit I buy goes off before I get round to eating it (I bought some plums at the same time as the persimmon – it will be interesting to see if they actually get eaten). I opted for a fruit as I’m still doing my 21 days of being vegetarian. The fruit itself wasn’t bad – crunchy like an apple, with quite a sweet taste. I wasn’t that keen on the skin, so I chopped that off and just ate the inside. I’m not very good at describing foods, so you’re better off Googling if you want an exact description of what it tastes like.

Would I eat it again? Possibly. I don’t think I would go completely out of my way to buy them though!


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