BBQ in Victoria Park

So after nearly four years of living right at the bottom of Victoria Park, yesterday on the glorious sunny day we had, I finally had a BBQ in the park. Burgers, sausages, gin and wine with Kaz and her sister Stacey, while the kids made the most of the weather playing football – running back when the food was done, before dashing off again as kids do. image1

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to do this, it was such a chilled day – even if I did wake up with a stinking headache and sunburnt shoulders and back.

BBQs in the park will certainly be repeated when Liam gets back from Sweden, as he was disappointed to be away for this one.

BBQs were always part of my childhood, with my Dad lighting the BBQ at any given opportunity – just any glimmer of the sun would have us heading down to the supermarket to stock up on burgers, buns and salad. When I got past eighteen, they were always used for gatherings, birthdaysimage2(1) and graduation celebrations. Everyone knew that as long as my Dad was kept supplied with cider, he would cook and cook as many burgers as people would happily eat.

In reality, BBQs form many, many memories over the years – even if some are a little hazy the older you got….

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