I went to the driving range!

So the first task I’ve completed properly is going to the driving range with Liam. We actually went thimage2e Friday before last (22nd May), but I haven’t had chance to write it up. I can safely say that Liam’s hobby is safe with his friends; I sucked badly! I had trouble even hitting the ball, let alone getting it very far. Liam tried his best to coach me with the best way of doing it, but I don’t think anyone would have any luck with me! I’m told to put my hands one way and I do the opposite without even realising it.

I did at least manage to get a ball near the target, which is what Liam’s aim was for me. Of course, when I say it was near the target, I do mean it landed nowhere near the actual big target – it was off to the side somewhere!

I think Liam was happy I actually tried – and probably slightly relieved that I don’t want to go again. The driving range is for him and his friend Tony to go and let of steamimage3 – their place is safe for them without me!

I got Liam to take a couple of pictures to prove that I actually went. I’m probably stood completely wrong in both of them – even after being told about 20 times how to put my hands and my feet – my body never does like doing as it’s told, why I am awful at exercise classes.

At least I can say I tried; you can’t say fairer than that right?

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