The Feel for Writing

Lately I’ve been feeling a niggle – no let me correct that – an itch. Yes an itch. An itch to write that is. I should be jumping for joy that I feel the need – or possibly the want to feel my fingers skimming across a keyboard or picking up a pen – but I don’t. Why you ask? Because I don’t know what to write about. I feel lost I suppose you could say. For so long I wrote about music. For over seven years I spent all my free time writing and editing reviews – yet I haven’t felt that desire since I gave up LMS a year ago when it got too much. Part of me wonders whether I should try reviewing again, but just for fun this time; while another part of me screams ‘no don’t do it, you’re loving going to gigs again just to enjoy the music, don’t ruin it’. Two minds – and neither can overrule the other.

I suppose I feel that if I have the desire to write a post on here after writing nothing for months again, it may spark something within – it may give me the inspiration to kick my brain into gear and make it work again. I want to find out if that creative streak is still lurking below the surface and if it’s willing to fight its way to the surface.

Can I re-find the love of writing I once held?

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