Childhood Memory

Some memories from school stick with you. For some reason, I have parts of this poem stuck in my head from primary school – so probably about 20 years ago! Maybe I liked this at school because I was an only child? Who knows. I just get a feeling I could recite this by memory at one point.


Sister by Judith Nicholls

Tell me a story!
Lend me that book!
Please, let me come in your den?
I won’t mess it up,
So please say I can.
When? When? When?

Lend me that engine,
that truck- and your glue.
I’ll give half of my old bubblegum.
You know what Dad said
about learning to share.
Give it now –
or I’m telling Mum!

Oh, please lend your bike-
I’ll be careful this time.
I’ll keep out of the mud
and the snow.
I could borrow your hat –
the one you’ve just got…
said my sister.

And I said


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