Top 12 Songs

A while ago a good friend of mine (my first big brother) challenged me to compile a list of my top 12 favourite songs and here it is. I could probably include a lot more songs in this list, as keeping it to 12 is actually really hard. Some of these songs have sentimental reasons for being included, others are just on here as they are great to put on, turn up loud and sing your heart out!

1. Merrick – ‘Just Chromosome’
2. The Cooper Temple Clause – ‘Panzer Attack’
3. Hawkwind – ‘Silver Machine’
4. Leftfield – ‘Open Up’
5. Feeder – ‘Buck Rogers’
6. A – ‘Nothing’
7. Haddaway – ‘What Is Love’
8. Left Side Brain – ‘Exit Route’
9. Halo – ‘Still Here’
10. Massive Attack – ‘Teardrop’
11. Rachel Stamp – ‘Black Cherry’
12. Fighting With Wire – ‘Everyone Needs A Nemesis’

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