The Fun of Cocktails


One of my best friends and I have a little tradition where we enjoy cocktails – not in a way that involves getting drunk and falling of our heels. Drinking cocktails is all about being social and catching up; you sit sipping your cocktail and gossip at the events in your life.

As you get older it isn’t possible to see your friends as much; you move away and have jobs that mean you have to schedule time with your friends. Yet the time you spend together is still the most important. It could be days, weeks, or even months between catching up, yet the moment you sit together over a cocktail, you could have caught up only hours before.

There’s a reason people stay in your life and people get close to you, but having a tradition like drinking cocktail like Rach and me firmly cements your friendship. When times are tough and you need cheering up, you know your friend is on the other end of the line and that a cocktail and a good gossip with your friend is just round the corner.

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