Reaching a Crossroads

There’s times in life when you reach a crossroads; for me, this is now. For six years I’ve run my music website Live-Music-Scene and have mostly loved every second of it – until our 6th birthday gig. Don’t get me wrong, the bands were fantastic and so were my friends for turning up, yet others didn’t follow suit. All my hard work and the money that went into the gig was wasted. I’ve never felt so humiliated and such a failure before.

Many believe I am throwing my toys out of my pram by saying at the gig that LMS was dead, yet at that moment I felt so let down by all the bands and people I have worked with over the years. Where were they to support me like we have supported them? Just one gig has made me question the future of a site I love.

Yes, there has been moments in the past I have wondered if it is worth carrying on, but I always have because I thought we had the support. But to find out I couldn’t even get enough people through the door to cover basic costs, it’s left me to question the position of the site in the music scene.

LMS has become far more than a hobby as it takes so much time. I know that I can question as many people as I want about whether I continue, but at the end of the day, the decision is down to me. Do I want to continue? Or do I find a new hobby?

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