Hello There!

Wow I am awful at updating this blog! I can’t believe that the last time I managed to do a post was July 2017. It looks extremely bad when you go on a blog and the last update was so long ago – especially when I recently had to give this blog as an example of my writing (ramblings). I thought it was about time I put something up. Anything up!

So what’s happened since I posted anything last? Well I got engaged… and I got married! All done in less than a year. Crazy right? On top of that, we thought it was a fantastic idea to buy a house while planning a wedding. For the record, it is never a fantastic idea to add the stress of buying a house to the stress of attempting to plan a wedding. Even if said wedding wasn’t some huge glitzy affair with hundreds and hundreds of guests all sat down eating a huge dinner. We opted for the small affair; registry office, a meal with our closest friends and family, followed by a big party with all our friends and family! Perfect for us.

The house front? We are still waiting to move. The boxes are piling up, the landlord is waiting to list our current house and we’re itching to get inside our new home and see just what it looks like – which finally happens tomorrow! The next step? Hope we can get a moving date and then start panicking that there isn’t more boxes piling up and we still have loads of junk everywhere.

Adult life hey!

The Dreaded Weight Gain….

Is it just me, or did anyone else find that it was literally a case of 30 strikes, and weight sticks!

I know I’m hardly the most sporty of people, but I walk to work Monday to Friday, which works out at about 5 hours of walking a week (plus whatever walking is done at the weekend), plus I do yoga once a week. Yet, it Healthy Eatingbarely seems to have an impact! Can I hear you say ‘frustrating’! I stand on the scales and the pounds stick there stubbornly – determined not to budge – more likely to gain than lose anything. I know you’re not supposed to go by what the scales say, especially when I am naturally on the curvy side, but it is hard not to get frustrated when you see no benefits.

So, I’m attempting to eat healthier; more vegetables and salad – well this week I am – eating less carbohydrates and trying to fill myself up with meals that have plenty of vegetables in. So if anyone has any healthy recipes that are filling and healthy, I would really appreciate them – especially as the countdown is on until I have to be seen in a bikini on holiday and I would very much like to not have such a bloated stomach.

Moan over!

How much time do we waste?

I often think about how much time we waste in life. At one point in my twenties, I was working Monday to Friday in one job, then spending my weekends working in Tesco. On top of this I was running my music website Live-Music-Scene, and having a social life. Now I don’t ever seem to have enough hours in the day to get even basic stuff done. Is this because we spend far too many hours of our lives playing CandyCrush and watching Netflix?

Every time Liam goes back to work for a long stint away, I think that I will get organised, I will write more, and I will do tasks like blitz the house. The reality is I spend hours catching up on TV; I watch Netflix and I spend far too much time playing CandyCrush and avoiding the vacuuming or the tidying up.

CandyCrushHow is it that I balanced my life so much easier in my twenties? Is it that I needed less sleep? Or is it just the fact that there is different demands in your twenties? I know that going back a few years, I would certainly see more of my friends; these days months and months go by without seeing people because everyone has their own things going on and it’s not easy to arrange to meet up. Seeing my best friend has to be arranged weeks in advance and is often changed, as like Liam, her husband works away and their schedules are unreliable a lot of the time.

Is this what has made me lazy at home, the fact that it has got harder to see people, so I’ve given up and opt to stay at home doing nothing? Or is there some other reason lurking?

So what does it take to get organised and make more of my life? I’ve tried being organised and writing lists to get me off my arse and get me doing things, but I always fall at the first hurdle. The funny thing is that I am super-organised with my worklife. I just need to be able to transfer that skill over to my personal life and it will be a win win situation.

Cocktails vs Exercise

Cocktails in Bristol

My Mum was over in Bristol yesterday, so after she had finished her shopping, she headed over to mine. From there we went and had a few cocktails before having some food and a bit of a walk. I know this seems a bit of a ‘we did this’ and then ‘we did that’ post, but there’s a point to it. From here, we went to see one of my friends play; he asked what we had been up to and replied about the cocktails and he asked if it was for a special occasion. Nope, just a Saturday. What have you been up to today, I ask him. Oh only a 50 mile bike ride – or some other figure that seemed insane to me – he replied. So while we were sipping cocktails, he had just done a huge load of exercise.

Now I feel incredibly bad about the cocktails! My whole point within this post, is do we become too reliant on going for drinks with people to socialise in Bristol? Whenever either of my parents are over, we seem to end up drinking as it is the easiest option for entertaining.

When your parents visit, how do you entertain them that isn’t eating and drinking too much? I apparently could do with some ideas!

Never Stop Learning….

Yoga in Bristol It’s always important to remember that you are never to old to learn. Not that 30 is old of course! Whether it it learning within your job, or learning something new in your spare time. For me in 2017, I finally took a yoga course as for years I wanted to learn about yoga. In fact, taking a yoga course was in my 30 things before 30 list – I’m just more than a little late completing that one.

I was worried about just attempting any yoga class as practicing yoga on the Wii hardly makes you a yoga expert and as my body always does the opposite as what it should do, I’m pretty sure I was doing it wrong the majority of the time. So back in February I donned my sports kit and joined a six week beginner course at Flow Yoga in Bedminster, which is taught by the lovely Manon – a lady who must have the patience of the saint to deal with all us newbies – especially me with my stiff neck and body that refuses to communicate with my brain!

My stubborn body aside, I absolutely LOVED yoga! The six week course whizzed by so quickly I found myself signing up for the next six weeks just so I could continue practicing. Now this second course has finished, after 12 weeks of yoga, I may not be an expert, but for the first time in my life I can sit on the floor with my legs stretched, and reach down and touch my toes. I know, many of you would have been able to do this your whole life, whereas little old me has never managed to achieve this, so don’t take that away from me! I’ve found that with yoga I can relax, and I enjoy it.

Whole my downward facing dog still needs a lot of work (see picture), I am determined to carry on practicing yoga. I’m just annoyed at myself that it took me so long to start practicing – I may have been able to touch my toes years before!

If you want to try yoga for the first time, check out Flow Yoga and try Manon’s beginner course.

How Did You Imagine 30s Life?


When you’re a child, it seems like being in your 30s means your life is sorted. With the majority of our parents, by the time they were in their 30s, they were married, had a kid/kids and owned their own home. Today, we do things a little differently – not always by choice.

At 31, I’m not married, I don’t own my own home, and tomorrow I’m about to start a new job. While I don’t have everything I probably expected as a kid, I’m happy. The dream of owning our home gets further and further away, but we hope that one day that dream will become a reality.

As for now, I’ll focus on each day as it comes. Life may not be perfect, but we have to believe that everything happens for a reason and all that jazz.

So being in my 30s isn’t quite as I thought it would be, but it’s hardly as though I’m over the hill, I’m still ‘technically’ young and I’m still trying new things and trying to be less fussy with my eating – even if I do default to pasta when I’m cooking for myself.

I’ve been trying to think what I could Blog about to get myself writing again, and I decided to try exploring life in my 30s. Sure it may not always be an exciting life, but you only get one, so it’s all about living it and getting out of it what you can.

I’ll go back to avoiding the washing up by watching Netflix now. There’s life in your 30s for you.

Where did you think you would be in your 30s? Or are you exactly where you thought you would be in your 30s?

Casper and Instagram

While I’m not working, I think it’s important to identify any gaps in my skill set and see what I can do to improve it. As well as reading plenty of articles on digital marketing, and particularly social media usage, I’ve been partaking in a little social media experiment myself. While I’ve had my own Instagram account for years, I’ve never had success at creating a targeted Instagram account. When I worked for the All-Wales School Liaison Core Programme, I trialled an Instagram account when we running a campaign on New Psychoactive Substances (legal highs), but didn’t have much success due to not having enough lead time to build the account up before we released the posters being used for a campaign.

So what am I doing to give myself a chance to experiment with Instagram? I’ve done what any sane person does and I’ve set up an Instagram account for our cat Casper. We adopted Casper from Holly Hedge a few months ago and he’s settling in really well. He went from being a quiet, shy cat while in Holly Hedge, to a cat full of character once he had settled in. Casper may be nearly three, but whenCasper the Friendly Cat he isn’t sleeping – which like any cat, he does a lot, he is just like a kitten wanting to play, or will quite happily jump up onto your lap for a cuddle.

I set up the Instagram account on the 26th March and set myself the target of 50 followers in the first week – which I achieved! Now on the 20th April, Casper has 171 followers and has no shortage of likes per post. I think the most he has achieved is 69 likes on one post. Obviously I would like a post to smash the 100 likes mark on a post, but we need to be a much bigger account to achieve that – I can’t even imagine being into the thousands of followers mark like many cat accounts out there.

For Casper’s account, I post between 1 and 3 pictures a day; it averages 2 pictures, but slips to the 3 mark if he happens to do a cute picture and not be glaring at the camera. I try and take a few pictures of Casper in one day so that I have a stash to use and I don’t have to be constantly taking pictures of him. Before I started the account, I did some research and took notes on what hashtags are popular for cat accounts as it is the quickest way to get likes on each post and have a chance of making Casper even slightly Insta-famous. It’s also important to have interaction on the account; I can’t just post pictures of Casper and leave it, I have to like other cat pictures and comment on them to encourage people to do the same to Casper’s pictures. I also have to ensure that I am following other cat accounts – of course I hope they follow me back, but like many other accounts, I don’t unfollow an account just because they don’t follow Casper back. I’ve seen this happen quite a lot with Casper’s account (and my own account), and they must be accounts that are very serious at building their accounts up.

This Casper account is a chance to have a bit of fun, taking pictures and seeing what can be achieved on a targeted account, and as long as Casper is happy to have his picture taken – and does more than sleep each day, I’ll see how far I can take this account. The nest step is achieving 200 followers for this week, so wish me luck, and if you want to see plenty of pictures of our cute cotton wool ball (his fur is just like cotton wool when it’s brushed), please following Casper on Instagram.